Dr. Z and the 20 Millionth Mercedes made in Sindelfingen (German)

In late 2015 we had the great honor to film inside the S-Class manufacturing complex of Mercedes-Benz biggest production plant in the world. We have a VERY special guest in this video, who celebrates the twenty millionth Mercedes made in Sindelfingen with us and with his 280,000+ employees worldwide: noone less but Dr. Dieter Zetsche (chairman of Daimler AG) along with Markus Schäfer (Head of Production & Supply Chain Management) and Horst Nagel, a long-serving foreman of the S-Class manufacturing line in Sindelfingen.
The 20,000,000th Merc happens to be a V222 S 500e, but in this video you also get to see one of the first cars made in Sindelfingen after the war: a beautiful 170 S cabriolet! We hope you enjoy!

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